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Tips For Selling Your House In The Winter


At the end of the year most people shift into holiday mode.  Their priorities turn to family, gift giving and vacation time.  Selling a house by traditional means during this period may be more difficult.  If the house is not a vacant rental or inherited house there may also be many problems trying to schedule a time that is convenient for both buyer and seller.  Any serious buyer may want to view the house a few times before making a decision.  They often want to bring addition friends or family members to view the home.  If they do decide to make an offer there are usually negotiations back and forth and many contingencies.  Even if a final agreement is reached, there can be issues with inspections, funding, and scheduling.

This slow, arduous process can easily be completely avoided!  Call Houses Wanted!  They will look at your house quickly and then provide you with a cash offer.  Houses Wanted will buy your house for an amount that is acceptable to you.  This holiday season give yourself the gift of peace of mind, call Houses Wanted and find out for yourself what makes them Long Island's premier home buyer.

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No-Obligation 24-Hour Cash Offer On Your Long Island Home:


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"A successful house sale starts with a successful home cash buyer, and HousesWanted is that company."

24 Hour Cash Offer

More than ever companies are popping up in New York and Long Island making promises to buy houses for cash! Sure enough, six months or a year later and you'll discover many of these business no longer exist. promises a fast and professional home sale. Founder of Houseswanted, Peter Lopipero has been buying houses on Long Island for over twenty-five years. Read Our - Reviews

Three Common Reasons Why A Real Estate Deal Falls Apart

1. Inspection Report:  

There may be issues with your house that you are aware of but sometimes a sale looks all but certain and then the dreaded inspection report brings up issues that become a sticking point and the deal falls apart.

2. Funding Issues:  

You try to be prudent by only accepting offers from credible buyers with a pre-qualification letter from a lender.  After two months in contract your buyer is NOT able to secure a loan to purchase your house.  What happened?  The truth is if a buyer has to rely on third party financing there is always a risk the deal will not fund.

3. Buyers Remorse:

Yes, you have a contract and at a certain point it may cost the buyer some money to back out of the deal but that will not stop a buyer who simply changed their mind.  Until you close on the sale of your house and the funds have been transferred to your bank a deal is never complete.  Many transactions fall apart at the eleventh hour.

Houses Wanted is a cash home buyer with decades of experience.  Houses Wanted purchases with cash and does not rely on third-party financing.  Houses Wanted follows through on EVERY offer they make.  Call Houses Wanted today.

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No-Obligation 24-Hour Cash Offer On Your Long Island Home:


"A successful house sale starts with a successful home cash buyer, and HousesWanted is that company."

More than ever companies are popping up in New York and Long Island making promises to buy houses for cash! Sure enough, six months or a year later and you'll discover many of these businesses no longer exist. promises a fast and professional home sale. Founder of Houseswanted, Peter Lopipero has been buying houses on Long Island for over twenty-five years. Read Our - Reviews

Selling My House with Termite Damage!

Real Life Customer Review: 

After a personal financial crisis I realized that I need to sell my house.  I hired a local real estate agent and put the house on the market.  My house was in need of some repairs and although the property seemed to generate much interest most potential buyers were not serious.  As the months passed I became more discouraged and then a short while later things got even worse!

A potential buyer was looking at my house, he went to move a piece of firewood that was stacked outside against the wall under a window and when he did he discovered termites.  Upon more inspection it was realized that the wall of the house was also infested.  The situation was severe!  I got a couple of repair estimates and they were all in the thousands and I was told it would likely be much higher as they tore down the existing wall.  I did not have that kind of money. My real estate agent was no longer willing to show the house and I was left alone.

I thought that I would never sell the house.  Having lived on Long Island all my life I remember a company a friend used many years ago.  I searched the internet and called Houses Wanted.  I could not believe it when they came to my house and made a cash offer.  I disclosed the issue with the termites but they had no concern.  They bought my house quickly.  They did not even request and engineers report, they just bought it AS-IS.  It was incredible.  Thank you so much!!

E. Farnsworth,

Mt. Sinai, New York

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No-Obligation 24-Hour Cash Offer On Your Long Island Home:


"A successful house sale starts with a successful home cash buyer, and HousesWanted is that company."

More than ever companies are popping up in New York and Long Island making promises to buy houses for cash! Sure enough, six months or a year later and you'll discover many of these business no longer exist. promises a fast and professional home sale. Founder of Houseswanted, Peter Lopipero has been buying houses on Long Island for over twenty-five years. Read Our - Reviews

Want to sell your house, but a foundation problem has you worried?

Let's face it, selling a house with a bad foundation is a homeowners nightmare! 

If you need to sell your house fast then a bad foundation is a real problem.  A bad foundation needs to be disclosed to the potential buyer.  This may scare away many buyers and anyone that is left may face funding problems or other delays. The good news is that for every problem there is a solution and that solution is Houses Wanted.

Houses Wanted buys houses on Long Island for cash, this means we don't have any funding issues or lenders to appease.  We also buy houses AS-IS, with no engineers inspections.  We have been buying houses for cash on Long Island since 1987! 

A bad foundation or any other issue is nothing that we have not dealt with before.  We are able to make a cash offer on your house quickly, bad foundation and all.  Call is today and let us be the solution to your problem and we have been to so many other Long Island homeowners!

Selling Your Long Island Home? Can Help, Just Ask Our Clients!

Here are some reviews from Long Islanders we've worked with in the past: 

I was afraid selling my house would take a very long time

When our mother passed away my sister and I were overwhelmed with the responsibility of settling her estate.  We were still grieving our loss and almost immediately we were bombarded with things we needed to take care of. 

Selling my mother's house felt like the biggest burden.  We didn't know where to begin.  We started to sort through her things but the house needed much work, the garage, the attic and basement were all filled.  We had no place for everything.

My sister had told me of HousesWanted through a mailing that she had received.  We called them and spoke to a very understanding gentleman.  They met us at our mothers house, although I was a bit embarrassed at the condition.  They put us at ease and said the needed repairs and condition was not a problem at all.  They bought my mother's house as they promised.  The biggest relief for us was that my sister and I did not need to clear and clean everything, we sold the house as-is.  We are forever grateful of the kindness and assistance we received from Houses Wanted in our time of need.  Thank you

- B. Wilson

I sold my house faster than my neighbor

By coincidence my neighbor down the street and I were both selling our houses.  Carol's husband had a job transfer.  With the kids all grown up my husband and I were selling our house to move into a smaller house. 

Having had a bad experience selling a rental house some years ago my husband and I wanted to try something different.  We called on HousesWanted and they quickly made a cash offer on our house.  My husband and I thought it over and decided it was fair, especially considering that we were not asked to make any repairs.  Although Houses Wanted could close almost immediately we needed some time and they were happy to accommodate us.  Four weeks later we were moving into our new house.  Looking back my friend wished that she had thought of calling Houses Wanted also as it took many trying months to sell their house.

-M.  O'Brien


Telephone: (516) 457-5707


Selling a House The Easy Way...FAST!

Why won't my house sell?

Selling a house with a real estate agent usually starts with a smiling agent promising that they can sell your house and probably for top dollar.  A short while after having you sign a contract that you will pay them 5-6% commission and can't fire them for six whole months their cheery expectations may begin to erode.

After a month or so when you house has not sold it somehow becomes your fault, it's your ugly carpet, outdated counter tops, older appliances. Your house needs paint, the lawn is not green enough and there are not enough flowers in your yard.  Yes, it's the same house with the same paint and carpet and kitchen that the previously cheery agent was sure they could sell.  Instead of your house being sold you are left with a long list of demands from your agent to make the house "Sellable"  Now, not only is your house not sold but you are facing a laundry list of expensive repairs. 

If you are lucky enough to afford the repairs and you get an offer you are then faced with home inspections, financing contingencies, option periods, delays and maybe through all this time the market takes a dive.  Anything can happen.

Take control of the sale of your house! Call Houses Wanted today, we are able to buy your house the same way we have been doing for twenty-five years.  We will take a look at your house, provide you with a competitive cash offer and set a closing date of your choosing.  We will buy your house as-is, no contingencies, no engineer reports, no delays, no demands, no hassle.  There is a better way to sell a house.  Houses Wanted.


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Houses Wanted: We Buy Long Island Houses For Cash

We Buy Long Island Houses For Cash:

More than ever companies are popping up in New York and Long Island making promises to buy houses for cash.  Take a look six months or a year later and you will discover many of these people are no longer in business.  Need to sell a house fast? Want to sell it as-is with no out-of-pocket costs for repairs or commission?  Want to maximize your return and minimize your risk?  A successful house sale starts with a successful cash house buyer and Houses Wanted is that company. Founder Peter Lopipero, Houses Wanted has been buying houses on Long Island for over twenty-five years, that is strong assurance that you can count on us to follow through on our promise of a fast and professional home sale. 

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9 Reasons to Work With HousesWanted.Org

Want to Sell Your Long Island House Fast?

Here are nine reasons why HousesWanted.Org is the best place to sell your Long Island home, fast and for cash!


Community Alliance Group, LLC dba is a private home buyer not a realtor. You will not have brokers fees. We are not looking to list or sell your home. We want to buy it!


We are honest business with a strong interest in the community. Your attorney will draw up any sales contract to sell your house fast.  


Receive a written, no obligation purchase offer within 24 hours that you can “take to the bank”. We pay all cash (typically a Bank Check), - No mortgage needed. We know first hand of many horror stories where a property was in contract for months only to have either the buyer or the bank walk away, because of some contingency or problem. With us, you have an IMMEDIATE SALE.


Other buyers many use this as a bargaining tool or may get scared off entirely, regardless of your agreed price. We are experienced buyers, who have our own dedicated work crew. We normally do one walk through inspection which takes about 10-15 minutes, and that’s it. Normally, we agree up front to buy entirely AS-IS


There is no need for expensive repairs. If you will deduct the cost of repairs form the sales price, we have our own crew that does the repairs so you can save time, effort and money. In most cases, you may even leave any unwanted furniture, household items and / or junk in the house, basement, garage, yard etc. This can save you thousands in costs for dumpsters, labor etc., as most other buyers will want the house “broom clean”. When we say you can sell your house fast, We Mean It!


With many reference from area sellers and attorney, we truly are your local home buyer. Proof of funds is available upon request. We are not a faceless internet company located on the other side of the country! So if you are looking to sell or buy a property that is not located in Nassau, Suffolk, Queens or Brooklyn, please accept our apology because we cannot help you. 


Once we receive the clean title report, we are ready with the available funds, so we can close in about a week or a few months, YOU get to choose what best fits your timeframe. 


You don’t have to worry about constantly organizing and cleaning the house for the hordes of potential buyers. Even if you do secure a buyer, you’ll have to start all over again if he doesn’t get the bank loan, possibly months later. 


Having difficulty with problem tenants or C.O. (certificate of occupancy) issues? We will make you an offer to purchase (and close) even if your tenant doesn’t allow us access to the inside of the home! Also, most C.O. problems are considered and accepted. PROBLEMS WITH C.O., TENANTS, AND SOME REPAIR ISSUES can seriously hinder or make any transaction impossible with a typical buyer who requires bank financing. (We don’t require bank financing, and we buy AS-IS)

Are you interested in selling your Long Island home for cash fast? Contact the experts at - "Long Island's Premier Home Buyer"

How to Stop Foreclosure


Foreclosure is a scary reality facing many homeowners in New York and Long Island today. If you’re late on payments or miss some, you need foreclosure help.

Stop the stress!

When considering how to stop foreclosure remember that mortgage modifications advanced by the Government under Obama are helpful to some, but not everyone meets the criteria.  If you live in New York or Long Island and are facing possible foreclosure consider all your options including selling your house fast.  

At we buy houses in NY and Long Island and may be able to make a cash offer on your house quickly!

Foreclosure is the legal process the bank goes through to re-posses and sell a property to recoup as much of its investment as possible. Mortgage lenders aren’t the only ones to start foreclosure proceedings. Municipalities can foreclose for tax and some contractors can too. Your rights in Long Island New York may be better for some, but you still have a lot to lose if you do not take steps to protect your interest as a homeowner.

On Long Island homes are foreclosed as a judicial sale. The courts handle the speedy liquidation of your property. All creditors with a lien are paid off first. If there is anything left, you will get a share. Because they do not wait for market value, your proceeds can be cut short or eliminated.

Some may ask why the entire house can be seized because of a few missed payments. Lenders accomplish this by making the entire amount of the mortgage due at once after they declare the loan in default. Most mortgages in New York have an acceleration clause. This clause enables your lender to have the legal right to demand the full amount of the mortgage due immediately. has affiliations to select real estate attorneys who may be able to slow or stop foreclosure process immediately. Then you can explore your best options. If you choose to sell, we are an all cash buyer for your long island property. Because we are cash buyers not needing a mortgage, you can rest-assured that you will be able to pay off your mortgage and get cash in your hands, provided it is not a short sale. In fact you may be surprised to know that even owners with low equity can arrange to settle with the bank for pennies on the dollar.

How to stop foreclosure is a good question. You can take action to protect your interests. The best way to handle the situation is to cease foreclosure and sell the property yourself at a good price. Another way is to get a Mortgage Modification, but the banks can hold up your paperwork until it is too late. The trick is to legally stop the foreclosure on your home and then find a solid investor with hard funds who can give you a fair price.

Out of town investors may not have a fondness for Long Island and may not be flexible with terms. We have an established reputation in the community. Our network of attorneys can stop your foreclosure immediately. Then we can tender a fair, market-value all-cash offer on your property. Also, with us as a buyer, there is no 6% commission to pay. Remember, when you can’t afford to keep your home the creditors must be paid off first, and you the homeowner are last in line for a disbursement. That is why it is vital to get fair market value on your property. Make sure you get the money YOU need to start over. Know that we are here to help, contact us today to learn more on how to stop foreclosure.

HousesWanted.Org is Long Island's Premier Home Buyer for over 30 years. Click here to get a no obligation 24 hour cash offer on your home.