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My Friend Warned Me Not To Accept This Offer On My House!

Real Life Customer Review: 

My house was in bad shape and needed many repairs.  I listed the house two times with a realtor and it would not sell.  After pressuring me to make repairs to the house that I could not afford I decided to sell the house myself.  It was not as easy dealing with the constant phone calls and "lookers" but finally, I received an offer. I was thrilled! I shared the good news with my friend but she was not so enthusiastic. She was suspicious that they made a full offer on the house despite the condition it was in. I ignored her concerns as she tends to be a pessimist at times. About two weeks after signing the contract the buyer started complaining about the house and wanted a lower price! 

I was very upset because he knew the condition of the house when he made the offer. When I told my friend she said this is a common tactic that many disingenuous buyers use, they first lock you into a contract and then start trying to bargain. Many times they don't even have the means to truly purchase your house.  All the back and forth with the buyer lasted for weeks and it was exhausting, it got to the point I could not believe anything they said. Finally almost six weeks later I was able to sever my ties to them. I called Houses Wanted on a recommendation, they made a fair offer on my house and we closed a couple weeks later.  It went so smooth and they did exactly what they said they would.

Katherine T. 

Babylon, NY

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