Sold My House For Cash

The Sale of Our House Saved my Husband's Job!

My husband and I were thrilled when he received a job offer out of state.  We had been wanting to sell our house and move for some time and with his new job lined up, everything was going well.  We had no doubt that our house would sell quickly so he accepted the job and was all set to start in a few months.

We listed our house for sale and within a few weeks we had an offer that we accepted.  Things were going perfectly.  The buyer had an inspection report completed and we discovered that there were some issues with the house.  After almost two weeks of negotiating we agreed to lower the price on our house and upon the buyers request we extended the closing date.   A few weeks later, we were informed that the appraisal came in low and the buyer was having problems getting funding but assured us they would be able to "make this happen". 

Another week passed and we started getting anxious.  Finally the buyer's agent contacted us to say that the buyer was not able to get funding and the deal was dead.   My husband and I were very upset, especially since the buyer was said to be "pre-approved" for a loan.  All of this took almost eight weeks.  We had been packing our things and now the house looked a mess.  We were running out of time and things looking hopeless.

My husband's golf buddy heard what had happened and recommended HousesWanted.  We called and explained our situation and told them about the inspection report and the appraisal problems.  Houses Wanted came to meet with us the next morning and later that afternoon we had a cash offer in our hand.  It was like a miracle, we were so thrilled and don't know what we would have done without them.  Forever grateful.

Joan and Russ K.

- Huntington

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