Selling A Long Island Home with Certificate of Occupancy Issues

How can I Sell a House on Long Island, NY that has Certificate of Occupancy (C.O.) Issues?

Listing a house for sale with Certificate of Occupancy (CO) issues is just inviting problems into your life! You have a house you need to sell, you need to move, you need the money, whatever the reason, you want out. CO issues can feel like a boat anchor weighing you down and limiting your choices.  Lenders won't fund the purchase of a house that has CO issues.  Many 'traditional' buyers will turn around and run when they learn that your house has CO issues.

For those of you who do not know, a certificate of occupancy is an official document provided by the town or village in which the property is located. If a homeowner does not make the proper application for legalization of structures such as decks, dormers, extensions, pools, garage conversions, etc., this can come back to haunt the parties of a transaction. The process of obtaining CO is expensive, usually requiring architectural plans, town fees, surveys, etc. Closings can be delayed for weeks, months and even years under rare circumstances. Frequently, buyers back out completely, after much waiting and frustration.  

The situation may look grim, but you have done your research and armed yourself with knowledge, and knowledge is power! There is light at the end of the tunnel. You call Houses Wanted!  Houses Wanted is the premier cash house buyer on Long Island and will buy your home even if it has certificate of occupancy issues. They will make a 24 Hour Cash Offer on your Long Island home and will close on a date of your choosing.  Houses Wanted will buy your house AS-IS!  This means you won't be asked to make repairs. 

Peter Lopipero, the founder of Houses Wanted, has been purchasing real estate in NY since the 1980's & is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.  Houses Wanted does not need bank loans or mortgage companies to make a purchase. With their own financial resources they can purchase your house, CO problems and all and close without delays. Put an end to the fear of owning a Long Island home with CO issues! 

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