My House Has a Sewer Problem and I Need To Sell it Fast!

Two weeks after signing a six month contract with a realtor to sell my house a foul odor was evident throughout my property.  When the realtor scheduled a showing, the prospective buyers almost left immediately. My agent said there would be no chance to sell my house until this issue was resolved.

For personal and financial reasons I needed to sell my house quickly.  I called a service company to investigate the source of the foul odor.  I was told roots from a mature tree had cracked the main sewer line.  The repair estimate was in the thousands, money I did not have.  This estimate did not even include the cost of landscaping after the work was completed.

I asked the realtor if we could just reduce the asking price of the house or offer a repair allowance but the agent insisted that the house would not be sellable in the current condition, and would not pass inspection.  I was in a bad situation.  The agent allowed me to cancel my sales contract with her.  She had no interest in wasting time trying to sell my house in the condition it was in.

I searched the internet on what I could possible do in this terrible situation. I discovered cash house buyers who claim to buy a house in any condition with no inspection. This was like a dream come true.  I called one of these cash house buyers but got a bad feeling over the phone.  After some more searching I found Houses Wanted.  It was obvious from their website that they were a reputable and respected local company with numerous testimonials from satisfied customers and unlike the first company I called. Houses Wanted has been in business on Long Island for over a quarter of a century!

Houses Wanted were polite and sincere. They were happy to buy my house in its current condition and in a few short weeks we closed the sale. I'm so grateful. Thanks to Peter and the folks at Houses Wanted I was able to sell my house and move on with my life.

- K. Mason

Oakdale, NY


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