Nassau County

Sell Your House and Buy a Tiny House?

There comes a point in time where every homeowner contemplates selling their home for a smaller and more affordable house...And you know what? 

It just might be the best decision you ever make! 

Are Your Kids Going Away to College? 

It is inevitable, kids grow up and go away to college and suddenly the size and expense of your existing house does not make any sense. Ask yourself, why are you paying for a home that is unnecessarily large? 

Making this decision can be challenging, but do not worry because there is a solution and it is called the Tiny House Movement

Tiny Houses

Tiny houses are legal dwellings that are smaller than the average "small house". Some Tiny houses are as small as 120 square feet or less! Tiny houses are the ultimate in minimalist living and many people are considering them as an option to traditional homes.

Whatever the reason for selling your house, whether it's to move into a smaller house, a tiny house, or even a larger house.  HousesWanted is able to provide a 24 hour cash offer on your home so you can sell it fast and move on. 

We promise a smooth, stress free experience. Just ask our clients!

Houses Wanted has been a trusted name in the Long Island housing market for twenty-five years!  Contact us today for your Free No-Obligation 24 Hour Cash Offer.