Real Life Customer Testimonial - Levittown, NY

When my husband passed away un-expectantly I never realized how unprepared I was.  He had always taken care of all the finances.  I quickly found myself falling behind on payments and before long I was at risk of losing my house. The equity in my house was the only financial security I had and I was facing the potential of going into foreclosure. I was so fortunate to have discovered Houses Wanted.  I had received a mailer from them months earlier and stuffed it in a drawer.  I called them and in a short while my situation turned around for the better.  They bought my house for cash as promised, with the money I received I was able to catch up on my bills and buy a more affordable house.

Thank you Houses Wanted!

Martha, W. (Levittown, New York)

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A successful house sale starts with a successful home cash buyer, and HousesWanted is that company. 

More than ever companies are popping up in New York and Long Island making promises to buy houses for cash! Sure enough, six months or a year later and you'll discover many of these business no longer exist.

Houseswanted.org promises a fast and professional home sale. Founder of Houseswanted, Peter Lopipero has been buying houses on Long Island for over twenty-five years. Read Our - Reviews