Foundation Problem

Want to sell your house, but a foundation problem has you worried?

Let's face it, selling a house with a bad foundation is a homeowners nightmare! 

If you need to sell your house fast then a bad foundation is a real problem.  A bad foundation needs to be disclosed to the potential buyer.  This may scare away many buyers and anyone that is left may face funding problems or other delays. The good news is that for every problem there is a solution and that solution is Houses Wanted.

Houses Wanted buys houses on Long Island for cash, this means we don't have any funding issues or lenders to appease.  We also buy houses AS-IS, with no engineers inspections.  We have been buying houses for cash on Long Island since 1987! 

A bad foundation or any other issue is nothing that we have not dealt with before.  We are able to make a cash offer on your house quickly, bad foundation and all.  Call is today and let us be the solution to your problem and we have been to so many other Long Island homeowners!