Things To Consider Before Listing Your House For Sale!


So, you have finally decided to sell your house.  Like most people, you talk to some local real estate agents and settle on one who you think will be best at selling your house for the most money in the least amount of time.  Everything is planned out except for one thing.  The unexpected!  Even the best plans rarely work out without some curve balls.  The problem with real estate is that those surprises often cost time and money. 


Houses Wanted eliminates surprises so you can sell your house quickly.  You may wonder how they eliminate surprises?  Very simply, they take out all of the variables from a transaction that historically are the cause for costly delays.  They will buy your house as-is, whereas traditional buyers order inspection reports and then use every issue your house may have to renegotiate the price or even cancel the transaction.  Houses Wanted will make a cash offer, they have their own money.  Traditional buyers need banks and other lenders to approve a loan in order to obtain financing to purchase your house.  Houses Wanted will buy your house very quickly, in days if you desire.  Traditional real estate transactions can drag on for months.  Call Houses Wanted today and learn how fast and easy selling a house can be!

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A successful house sale starts with a successful home cash buyer, and HousesWanted is that company."


More than ever companies are popping up in New York and Long Island making promises to buy houses for cash! Sure enough, six months or a year later and you'll discover many of these business no longer exist. promises a fast and professional home sale. Founder of Houseswanted, Peter Lopipero has been buying houses on Long Island for over twenty-five years. Read Our - Reviews