Selling My House with Termite Damage!

Real Life Customer Review: 

After a personal financial crisis I realized that I need to sell my house.  I hired a local real estate agent and put the house on the market.  My house was in need of some repairs and although the property seemed to generate much interest most potential buyers were not serious.  As the months passed I became more discouraged and then a short while later things got even worse!

A potential buyer was looking at my house, he went to move a piece of firewood that was stacked outside against the wall under a window and when he did he discovered termites.  Upon more inspection it was realized that the wall of the house was also infested.  The situation was severe!  I got a couple of repair estimates and they were all in the thousands and I was told it would likely be much higher as they tore down the existing wall.  I did not have that kind of money. My real estate agent was no longer willing to show the house and I was left alone.

I thought that I would never sell the house.  Having lived on Long Island all my life I remember a company a friend used many years ago.  I searched the internet and called Houses Wanted.  I could not believe it when they came to my house and made a cash offer.  I disclosed the issue with the termites but they had no concern.  They bought my house quickly.  They did not even request and engineers report, they just bought it AS-IS.  It was incredible.  Thank you so much!!

E. Farnsworth,

Mt. Sinai, New York

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