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Last year I inherited a property when a family member passed.  The house was old and quite a distance from where I lived.  I tried to sell the house but did not receive any serious offers.  A friend convinced me the house is a good investment and that I should rent it.  It took a little while but I finally got it rented.  Six months later, I was contacted by an Attorney stating that a dog on the premises had bitten a child who lived down the street.  The lease strictly stated that no pets were allowed.  I called the tenant and they claimed that they had been watching the dog for a friend.  The next seven months were a nightmare.  I had issues with my insurance company, I had to hire an Attorney, my tenant ended up moving out without warning and the house became vacant.  The ordeal cost me thousands of dollars. 

I wanted to sell it more than ever but with the condition the tenant left it I knew that was going to be impossible.  I started searching the internet for solutions and discovered Houses Wanted.  They have been buying houses on Long Island for decades.  Best part is that they make purchases AS-IS and with cash.  This was exactly what I needed.  Even though they claimed to buy houses in any condition I was very concerned that when they actually looked at the house they might change their mind.  It was in horrible shape.  They met me very quickly and did exactly what they said they would do.  Selling the house was such a relief. I don't know what I would have done without Houses Wanted!

Paul M.

Levittown, NY

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More than ever companies are popping up in New York and Long Island making promises to buy houses for cash! Sure enough, six months or a year later and you'll discover many of these business no longer exist. promises a fast and professional home sale. Founder of Houseswanted, Peter Lopipero has been buying houses on Long Island for over twenty-five years. Read Our - Reviews