My Mom Moved Into an Assisted Living Facility

After receiving a frightening call from my mother's neighbor that she had fallen I realized that it was time she move into assisted living.  Luckily this time she was not seriously injured but she could no longer safely live alone.  My mother was resistant at first about moving out of her house but understood that it was for the best.  She had so much on her mind I did not want to worry her about the high cost of her care which was to be $5000 per month!

I said that I would take care of selling her house to pay for the assisted living care.  The problem was that her house needed many repairs, some of them extensive.  There had also been an addition to the house many years ago.  The work was performed without a permit and was not up to code.  I was very concerned about how I would possibly find a buyer.

I discussed the situation with my husband and he agreed that a "traditional house sale" was out of the question.  I asked what he meant and how else could we sell it?  Even if we tried to sell it ourselves instead of a Realtor the buyer would need an inspection for a loan approval.  That's when I learned about cash house buyers. 

My husband knew about Housed Wanted from a co-worker.  Houses Wanted bought houses for cash in any condition and without an inspection. I felt that our prayers were being answered.  We called to set an appointment late Friday afternoon and by Saturday morning we had a CASH OFFER from Houses Wanted and went into contract.  I could not believe that they were willing to buy the house in its current condition but apparently they have been buying houses for cash for over twenty-five years.

I don't know what my family would have done had we not known about Houses Wanted!  The sale of the house gave us the money we needed to pay for the cost of my mothers assisted living placement.

L. Anderson

Westbury, New York


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