I Waited to Sell an Inherited House and Something Bad Happened

Real Life Customer Review: 

When my mother passed I inherited a little old house that she had lived in for many years. I needed to sell the house but the expenses on it were minimal so I was not in a huge hurry. I received numerous offers on the house but turned them down, part of the reason may have been that I was thinking I could get more money but I was also somewhat indecisive about selling the house. The house remained vacant for months. 

One day I went to the house to check on things and noticed water seeping out of the siding on the side of the house. I went inside and discovered the home was flooded! I was horrified. The plumbing had broken and it had been a week since I was last at the house. The damage was intensive! The walls and flooring were damaged, the basement was flooded. There was damage to the furniture. The worst part is that the house was not properly insured and I panicked. 

Cleanup estimates were in the thousands not including the cost of repairing the plumbing.  I could not even think of putting that kind of money into this old house.  A friend told me about a company called HousesWanted, they buy houses for cash in any condition. After reviewing the repair estimates I decided to call. They quickly met with me at the property and provided a cash offer on the house, AS-IS! I could not believe it. We closed the deal, I sold the house and moved on with my life. A lesson learned.

- Chester

Babylon, NY

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