I Almost Lost My House To Property Taxes

I had been struggling financially for some time, living month to month.  I had some equity in my house so I knew that if things got really bad at least I would be able to sell my house and downsize. Then I had some health issues and things went from bad to worse.  I became behind on my property taxes, it was clear I needed to sell my house while I still could. I called a local realtor, when I explained that I had a tax lien on my house they were not interested in working with me.  I was really scared what I was going to do, the stress was detrimental on my already fading health. 

I was running out of time and options. I decided to research selling the house myself and upon searching the internet I came across a website titled 'Houses Wanted'  This company claimed they bought houses for cash and very quickly.  The website said they buy houses as-is with no engineer inspection and that even houses with tax issues are no problem for them.  I never heard of such a thing before but they were listed with the Better Business Bureau and they had many reviews posted on their website, it was obvious they are a legitimate company.  I called Houses Wanted that day, they were very polite and understanding. I explained my situation and they quickly met me at my house, within a day they made a fair offer to purchase my house, I closed just a couple weeks later.  I was amazed how fast and easy they made things for me.  Thank you Houses Wanted! You saved me from a terrible situation.

Joan A.

Smithtown, NY

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