How to Find the BEST Realtor on Long Island

Like many people, if you live in New York and you have a house to sell you may be wondering how to find the best real estate agent to work with.  Realtor's always like to claim they are the best, as a homeowner you are going to want to see evidence of this.  Besides working with someone who is able to sell your house quickly you want a trustworthy and friendly person to entrust the sale of your house to.  Here are some questions to ask a potential Realtor.

1. How long have they been a real estate agent? 

This is not to say that a new agent can't be ambitious and good at what they do, but if someone has been in the business for a long time there is a good chance they are well connected and have the experience to plough through potential obstacles.

2- Are they a top producing agent? 

Many times the best of the best stay on the top producers list year after year.  They do this because they sell more houses than others. These people tend to know how to get the job done where others fail.

3- Have they had many listings in the area your home is located? 

Many agents do best selling homes in neighborhoods they are familiar with.  Ask for a list of houses they have sold in your area along with any current listings.  Make an attempt to talk to any of these homeowners and ask them about their experience working with the agent you are considering.

4. Before you contact a real estate agent call Houses Wanted! 

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