Assisted Living Checklist: Tips for Assuring the Safety and Happiness of Your Loved Ones

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Assisted Living Checklist: Things to Consider when Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

1. Location:

 Is the facility located close to family members so your loved one does not feel isolated.  A town or city which is far away can cause them to feel alone and depressed.

2. Lighting:

You want your family member to feel good.  People often underestimate the psychological effect of poorly lit living environments.  Are the rooms bright and cheery with plenty of natural light.  Are the hallways and common area's lit with a combination of natural light and warm artificial light.  Avoid institutional looking sites with cold fluorescent lighting or those with dark living areas which lack an abundance of natural light.

3. Nature:

Gardens, greenery, trees and water all contribute to a serene environment which helps a loved one feel at peace and calm thus contributing to good health. Avoid building which do not have adequate nature elements.

4. People:

Are the staff well trained and friendly?  Do they smile and appear genuinely happy to assist in the care of the elderly?  Do the other residents seem social and pleased with their 'home'. Ask what screening and background checking are required of employees. Ask questions and determine how long some of the employees have been at that location. A high turnover rate could indicate other issues.

5. Medical Care:

 Is there a resident doctor on staff.  What medical care or they trained and capable of?  How far is the facility from the closest hospital or medical center?

These are just some of the initial points to consider when researching an assisted living facility.  Taking time to thoroughly investigate all aspects of each location will pay off by insuring your family member is safe and happy.

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