Selling a House The Easy Way...FAST!

Why won't my house sell?

Selling a house with a real estate agent usually starts with a smiling agent promising that they can sell your house and probably for top dollar.  A short while after having you sign a contract that you will pay them 5-6% commission and can't fire them for six whole months their cheery expectations may begin to erode.

After a month or so when you house has not sold it somehow becomes your fault, it's your ugly carpet, outdated counter tops, older appliances. Your house needs paint, the lawn is not green enough and there are not enough flowers in your yard.  Yes, it's the same house with the same paint and carpet and kitchen that the previously cheery agent was sure they could sell.  Instead of your house being sold you are left with a long list of demands from your agent to make the house "Sellable"  Now, not only is your house not sold but you are facing a laundry list of expensive repairs. 

If you are lucky enough to afford the repairs and you get an offer you are then faced with home inspections, financing contingencies, option periods, delays and maybe through all this time the market takes a dive.  Anything can happen.

Take control of the sale of your house! Call Houses Wanted today, we are able to buy your house the same way we have been doing for twenty-five years.  We will take a look at your house, provide you with a competitive cash offer and set a closing date of your choosing.  We will buy your house as-is, no contingencies, no engineer reports, no delays, no demands, no hassle.  There is a better way to sell a house.  Houses Wanted.


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