Selling Your Long Island Home? Can Help, Just Ask Our Clients!

Here are some reviews from Long Islanders we've worked with in the past: 

I was afraid selling my house would take a very long time

When our mother passed away my sister and I were overwhelmed with the responsibility of settling her estate.  We were still grieving our loss and almost immediately we were bombarded with things we needed to take care of. 

Selling my mother's house felt like the biggest burden.  We didn't know where to begin.  We started to sort through her things but the house needed much work, the garage, the attic and basement were all filled.  We had no place for everything.

My sister had told me of HousesWanted through a mailing that she had received.  We called them and spoke to a very understanding gentleman.  They met us at our mothers house, although I was a bit embarrassed at the condition.  They put us at ease and said the needed repairs and condition was not a problem at all.  They bought my mother's house as they promised.  The biggest relief for us was that my sister and I did not need to clear and clean everything, we sold the house as-is.  We are forever grateful of the kindness and assistance we received from Houses Wanted in our time of need.  Thank you

- B. Wilson

I sold my house faster than my neighbor

By coincidence my neighbor down the street and I were both selling our houses.  Carol's husband had a job transfer.  With the kids all grown up my husband and I were selling our house to move into a smaller house. 

Having had a bad experience selling a rental house some years ago my husband and I wanted to try something different.  We called on HousesWanted and they quickly made a cash offer on our house.  My husband and I thought it over and decided it was fair, especially considering that we were not asked to make any repairs.  Although Houses Wanted could close almost immediately we needed some time and they were happy to accommodate us.  Four weeks later we were moving into our new house.  Looking back my friend wished that she had thought of calling Houses Wanted also as it took many trying months to sell their house.

-M.  O'Brien


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